Men’s college golf recruiting

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Find a Golf Scholarship

We make the golf recruiting process simple.  Create your Free Online Player Resume.  It has everything a college coach needs to quickly evaluate your abilities and contact you if he is interested. Then the Playced Golf Recruiting Software will help you identify the colleges where you have the best chance be recruited. Our Recruiting Software makes it easy to identify the right colleges, our communication platform simplifies the college recruiting process and our recruiting advisors are the best in the industry.  

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As the Official Recruiting Partner for USA Today High School Sports we talk with college coaches every week. College golf recruiting for high school athletes involves more than your handicap or driving distances. Your GPA, verified scores and video also play a big factor. Additionally, you need to have an understanding of how the college recruiting process works. We know exactly how college coaches evaluate golf recruits. We can absolutely help you find a golf scholarship.

Take the first step to earning a golf scholarship by creating a Playced Player Resume and then you can use our software to run the recruiting process on your own, or sign up for a custom plan and we'll help every step of the way.